Best Keemun Black Tea Varieties

Keemun tea is a Chinese black / red tea, which is considered to be a relatively "new tea" (in comparison with the long tea history). Keemun black tea is famous for its outstanding floral aroma, which is said to be similar to that of sweet orchids and honey.

What is Keemun Black Tea?

Keemun or Qimen black tea is an oxidised tea, that comes from Keemun District in Huangshan (Yellow Mountain), Anhui Province, China.

This black tea, or also known as red tea has many health benefits attributed to it, according to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), it's recognised for its ability to warm the stomach, aid digestion, and to lose weight. Its's a good choice of drink for those who eat heavy meat diets - because black tea helps break down fats and make digesting meat easier.

In general it's considered that black tea is most suitable for people with digestive issues, and also in particular it's said to be a suitable tea for women - because red tea is high in iron and great for building the blood, and its warming effect increases the blood circulation.

There are some differences in the how the several varieties of Keemun black tea leaves are processed and reach the final product. These different processes are what gives us our wonder selection of unique Keemun black tea varieties that are enjoyed all over the world today.

See the list below for our picks of the best types of Keemun black tea on the market.

Top Varieties of Keemun Black Teas

Superior Keemun Mao Feng Tea

This is a superior grade tea with a sweet light taste with several different notes that can be found. High quality Maofeng black tea can usually be brewed up to 7 times, the tea leaves are picked during the early time of the year

Famous Keemun Kungfu Tea

The most well known variety of Keemun tea due to it being the most popular choice to export from China. It has a bright red tea soup with a very pleasant orchard like aroma.

Special Fragrant Spiral Keemun Xiang Luo Tea

This variety also uses buds plucked in the early time of the year. It is a high level grade tea, known as Fragrant Spiral - Xiang Luo means just this. This tea has a unique glossy spiral shape, unique fragrance and beautiful bright tea soup.

There is another variety called Hubei Keemun made in Hubei Province. Although it bears the name "Keemun", it's not considered to be an authentic and genuine Keemun tea.

There are other varieties and we will add them to the list soon!



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