Health Benefits of Black Tea

Back tea (also known as red tea in China) is fragrant, rich flavor and has a warming nature. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine red tea is greatly Yang in nature, and is able to expel the cold of the stomach, and warm the body, it's perfect for winter days.

The main features of black tea is hot, dry and parched. It's good for people who live on the high and frigid plateau, or for those in cold winter season.

Black tea can help digest heavy food and break down fats and oils. Because of this it effective in weight loss and getting rid of body fat. It contains rich minerals such as phosphate, zinc, iron, calcium, magnesium, selenium, and upto 15 precious vitamins and minerals that benefit body, for this reason it is said black tea is really beneficial for women, because of the high nutritional content, and the warming effect and increase blood circulation which helps with managing a smooth monthly cycle.

In Tibetan, Mogolian and Xinjiang areas in China, the people there drink a lot yak butter milk black tea with dried beef, they need the tea to help dissolve the heavy fats in their meat rich diets. It also helps provide them with rich vitamin and plant fiber which that is lacking in the high mountain plateau in these areas. The fiber and vitamins in the tea help to clean the digestive organs in order to prevent ulcers and tumors, cardiovascular disease from occurring.

The black tea brings health preserving and has a positive effect for those suffering from high blood pressure and heart disease, and also helps in the prevention of heart and cerebral vascular disease, if they can continue to drink tea on a regular basis.

It is truly a very healthy choice for those who are consuming heavy meats and fats often.


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Varieties of black tea:

The production of red tea covers a great amount of area in China, such as:




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