Health Benefits of Green Tea

The main feature of the green tea is cooling and refreshing. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, it can settle the heart fire, relieve the summer heat, and as a result can calm the mind and relive the body of stress. To have a cup of green tea in the middle of a hot summer day, after a hard days work would be the best time to deeply appreciate the effects of green tea.

Green tea is fresh with a light fragrance, just like a fairy goddess lady who left swift trail of faint beautiful fragrance while passing by, leaving you to feel disappointed that you didn’t catch sight of her! With this in mind you can really wake up a deep conscience for life.

Green tea is considered to be a Yin - cold matured. Drink too much at the wrong time and it can hurt the stomach. It is generally not suitable for drinking in winter, or with food as it can hinder digestion, but some higher quality varieties don't always apply to this rule.


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