How To Brew Loose Leaf Chinese Tea

Preparing Chinese Tea Correctly

Once the average buyer has purchased tea (weather good quality or not), the next problem is knowing the correct way to brew the tea, different tea's have different requirements, with different positive and negative effects on the health.

For example: a lot of specialty online tea shops recommend a 1-3 minute brew for a jasmine green tea. This would absolutely spoil the tea and release greater amounts of caffeine and tannin's, resulting in a bitter unpleasant taste and could also result in hurting the stomach and digestion. For comparison, our quality jasmine tea requires 10-20 seconds brewing time at most.

Fermented teas (red tea, puerh tea) are different, they need to be washed on the first brew to remove any particles produced during fermentation process, this also reduces the amount of caffeine. Whereas green tea does not need washing (unless it is of very low quality and contains pesticides).

The art of making Chinese tea is to have less caffeine and tannin's as possible, in this way the health benefits of drinking the tea increases greatly.

It's easier than you think to brew a perfect cup!

How to Brew Gongfu Tea With A Tea Pot

Utensils Needed

  • Chinese tea pot
  • Tea cups
  • Tea bowl / glass tea pourer
  • Tea tray (optional)

Steps required

1. Rinsing

With boiling water, pour water over the tea pot and tea cups to clean and warm them.

2. Adding Leaves

Add 3-5g of tea to the tea pot, how much leaves you use depends on a few factors, such as:

How strong do you like your tea?

If the tea is a high grade, you may want to use less leaves

3. Adding water to tea pot

Pour water into the pot rather intensely, make sure that the water goes into the tea pot moving the leaves around.

The temperature of the water depends on the tea.

  • Red / black tea generally use 90-100 degree water
  • green, white or more delicate teas use 70-80 degree water temperature, as not to over brew or damage the tea.

Fill the tea pot with water until the water overflows slightly, you can use the lid to scrape away the over filling, there may be little bubbles you can scrape away too.

Close the lid of the tea pot.

4. Washing tea

On the initial first brew, you should wash the tea, to do this the tea out straight away.

You are not actually steeping the tea on the first brew, you're essentially making the tea to come alive, you're waking it up and removing any fine particles, and impurities that may be in the tea.

5. Steeping tea

To steep the tea, repeat step 3, for the teas we stock, brewing from 20-30 seconds is a good time range.

6. Pouring

Using one hand to pour, press the tea lid down with your index finger and hold handle with your thumb and middle-finger. Depending on the design of your pot this could change!

Lift the pot high and pour straight out into a tea glass or ceramic tea pourer.

7. Serving

Simply fill each cup til they are almost full, present to yourself or your guests and enjoy!

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