Top Three Tea Recommendations

Our tea shop is small, and we focus on selling quality over quantity, so far we have only found 5 teas that we are happy to sell to our customers, each one of the teas we have selected is special - and Rainforest Alliance Certified, please browse all of our tea selections here.

Below are my top three Chinese tea recommendations to try, perfect for those new to loose leaf tea, and something special for the seasoned connoisseur.

Each of the teas listed below are of very high quality, the list includes 1 green tea, 1 jasmine tea, and 1 fine but affordable red / black tea.

Fresh Maofeng Green Tea

If you're new to drinking tea leafs and you're not too sure what green tea is good, then you should definitely try this green tea. This tea is very fresh and can awaken your soul deeply!

It's also rich in antioxidants and gives a good feeling after drinking it, it's calming and refreshing.

This tea is of a very high grade and is an absolute must even for the most experienced tea drinkers - this is our flagship product and we cannot recommend it enough.

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Aromatic Jasmine Green Tea 

Jasmine Green Tea

One of the house favorites, jasmine tea is very popular in the west due to it's strong fragrance and aroma. This tea is an absolute must in anyone's tea collection.

It's great for people new to premium teas, because it is very fragrant, easy to brew, and just smells amazing. Just by catching the scent anyone can tell this tea is really wonderful.

Our jasmine tea is of superior grade, organic / pesticide free, and has been scented up to 7 times!

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Fit for Royalty Keemun Kungfu Black Tea

Keemun Black Tea

In the 1800s this tea tea was exported to England, and it was drunk by the British upper class and royalty. This tea is suitable for drinking on its own brewed Chinese gongfu style, or simply can be enjoyed with milk and sugar as was and has been done in England for hundreds of years. It's also suitable to mix this tea with other herbs or flowers such as rose petal, mandarin peel, and so on. Also, make sure to check out our list of some what we think are the best Keemun black teas on the market.

This tea is suitable for the western style tea drinker, and also suits Chinese tea style - an absolute must have in my tea collection!

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