Jasmine Green Tea

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Fragrant and beautiful taste

Very happy with this Jasmine. It has a wonderful aroma and also tastes very fresh and it is great to drink.

Jasmine Green Tea

Mellow, Fresh & Brisk Flower Tea

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Jasmine Green Tea Description

This jasmine green tea is scented with fresh jasmine flower via a special scenting system, which makes the tea leaves absorb the jasmine aroma through a series of complex processes.

Jasmine tea is said to have many health benefits, such as soothing nerves, solving the depression, strengthening the stomach & spleen, managing shortness of breath, anti-aging, improving the immunity, and is high in antioxidants (anti-radiation) - it's truly a healthy daily drink, suitable for all seasons!

The tea leaves of our jasmine tea are selected from Huangshan Maofeng green tea from Anhui Provice, China - then transported to Hengxian District, Guangxi Province to do the jasmine scenting using only the most fresh jasmine flowers. Then finally the tea is transported back to the tea farm in Anhui to do follow-up treatments.

Our Jasmine tea is mellow, fresh and brisk, with persistent aroma, the tea soup color is yellowish green and bright, the tea dregs are tender, even and soft.

Most people from all over the world are fond of drinking jasmine tea, especially the high-quality jasmine tea.


Jasmine tea can be divided into two types, one is baked jasmine tea, the other is stir-fired.

Jasmine tea offered by Tea Plateau is baked jasmine tea. We have chosen fresh, pure, and organic high-mountain tea leaves, and the best jasmine flowers to make jasmine tea through the complex process.

Our jasmine tea is in accordance with the Chinese national tea standard, which includes 5 grades (Special Grade, Grade 1, Grade 2, Grade 3, and Grade 4).

This tea listed here for sale is Special Grade Jasmine Tea, this means it has been scented 4-7 times, it's scent and aroma is of highest quality - so try a cup and see for yourself the magic of our authentic organic jasmine tea.


Jasmine Tea, also known as jasmine fragrance tea, it belongs to scented tea and has a 1000-year history. It has the reputation of "supreme scented jasmine flavor". In the Qing Dynasty, it was listed as a national treasure.


Special Grade 1

Green tea base - Huangshan (Yellow Mountain), Anhui Province, China
Jasmine Flower - Hengxian District, Guangxi Province, China

Taste & Aroma:
Mellow, fresh and brisk, with a lingering jasmine aroma.

Tea Soup: 
Yellowish green and bright

Health Benefits:
Soothing of the nerves, helps with depression, strengthens stomach & spleen, manages shortness of breath, anti-aging, improving the immune system.

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Storage Conditions:
Dry, sealed, dark, low temperature storage, away from strong odor.

Proper Brewing Method:
Using boiled water with a temperature of 85°C for 2~3 minutes, if you like strong flavor, please try to put more tea. If you like clear & light taste, try 3~5g tea.

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