Mao Feng Black Tea

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Mao Feng Black Tea

Sweet, Mellow & Smooth

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Mao Feng Black Tea Description

Chinese authentic famous tea, Mao Feng Keemun Black Tea.

Keemun is a superior quality tea, and this Grade 2 Mao Feng tea is exceptionally special, it does not have any bitter or unpleasant taste like - common with other cheaper black teas.

Mao Feng Black Tea is regarded as the most beautiful fragrant tea with "Keemun fragrance", often said to taste like an "orchard fragrance", with a high level aroma, gorgeous bright red tea soup, smooth flavor and a sweet mellow after-taste. It's surly something you want to experience as a tea lover.

Compared to our Kungfu black tea, Maofeng black tea leaves are made to look like the shape of Huangshan Maofeng Green Tea, and is made from whole (full) tea leaves, as apposed to using broken tea leaves that are often used with other Keemun teas.

This tea has a slim and graceful appearance, glorious color and deep strong aroma - with a high reputation in China and abroad.


In accordance with China National Tea Standard, Maofeng Keemun Black Tea has 5 grades. that is 2 superior grades (often not suitable for daily drinking due to cost), and 3 common grades. Going down from superior to common grades, the tea taste changes from fresh and sweet, to a more heavy and mellow flavor, and the aroma also changes from a rich flowery aroma to clear aroma.

At Tea Plateau, after careful taste testing we decided the common grade, Grade 2 is ideal for our customers. Grade 2 is very high quality with rich taste and aroma, with a suitable price tag for daily enjoyment.


Grade 2

Keemun District, Huangshan (Yellow Mountain), Anhui Province, China

Health Benefits:
Refreshing, helps produce saliva & clear away body heat, diuresis, anti-inflammatory, nourishing stomach and aiding digestion. More suitable for women & those who have stomach troubles.

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Storage Conditions:
Dry, sealed, dark, low temperature, away from strong odor.

Proper Brewing Method
Take 3~5 grams green tea to brew for 3~5 minutes with 250 ml boiled water above 90℃, if you want a stronger flavor, please put more tea leaves. It not only can be drunk alone, but also can be mixed with herbs (or even milk and sugar). Keemun Black Tea is suitable to mix with other herbs, like ginger, brown sugar, rose petals, mandarin peels etc.

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