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Hello, and welcome to Tea Plateau!

Who We Are

We are a small team of Australian's who greatly love and appreciate the ancient Chinese culture and what benefits it can bring to the Western world. We believe that by following the ways of the ancients, harmony and health can be achieved. We believe by doing this you can develop a closer connection to Nature, something a lot of us are missing nowadays.

As the ancient Daoists say, Tian Di Ren - Heaven, Earth and Man. This represents the humans in harmony with Sky and Earth, essentially meaning harmony with Yin and Yang. 

Interestingly the meaning of tea in Chinese 茶 (cha) stands for man among the forest, united with the natural essence of sky and earth.

The character literally depicts a man in the forest, being the original meaning of character for tea in China. Essentially this means to return nature.

So what better way to achieve harmony than drinking tea? - an ancient beverage with great medicinal value and health benefits.

Buying Chinese Tea in Australia

We found buying Chinese tea in Australia difficult for the average tea lover, and to make things even harder, every shop nowadays is claiming 'premium quality' when it is really very far from it.

Not only is it not an enjoyable experience, it damages the reputation of the art of ancient Chinese tea culture.

The other issue is a lot of people are not sure how to tell the difference in different tea qualities and varieties, and they end up spending a lot of money on garbage tea, and it's a sad result for everyone!

We are here to solve this issue, we only offer the best premium quality teas that we drink ourselves - we strictly stock quality over quantity, so we will only ever have a handful of varieties of teas at any one time. You can be guaranteed they are some of the best Chinese teas available on the Australian market.

All of our teas are hand selected and carefully tasted before we list them on our store.

We are trying to educate our buyers by providing all the information possible, and only choose a select few of premium products, our aim is to remove the confusion on what to select, and provide as much helpful and interesting information about Chinese tea as possible. Including health benefits, correct way to prepare tea, when to drink what kind of tea's according to the seasonal changes and so on.

Check our guide on how to brew Chinese Tea

The Problem

The problem for most tea buyers is not only being overwhelmed by the selection of Chinese tea available on the market. On top of having a large variety to choose from, you also need to consider about the tea quality, which is sadly 100% disregarded by any commercial tea producers or re-sellers in Australia. They care about 2 things: price point, and packaging.

How To Choose Tea

To make a correct decision in buying fine tea you need experience and knowledge about how the tea is graded, different areas of tea production in China, and which area's produce best types of tea for certain varieties and so on, so let us help you.

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